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Our Belief: Opening The Doors To A Lifetime Of Opportunities

The Alternative Schools Network (ASN) believes that every youth is entitled to not only education, but the support services they need to help them succeed in obtaining their high school diploma and transitioning to the workforce.

In 1973, a group of alternative high school representatives established Alternative Schools Network as a vehicle for resource development, joint programming, and advocacy on behalf of inner-city youth who had dropped out of high school and low-skilled adults.

Today, ASN is a membership-based organization composed of 43 not-for-profit, independent, and self-governing alternative schools, as well as youth and adult education organizations. Through our partnership with these community-based and community-run programs and organizations, we create effective and innovative programs to re-engage more than 3,500 Chicago underserved and marginalized groups each year in successful education, employment and support services.