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Our Promise: Transforming Futures

Our goal is to ensure that youth and young adults receive engaging and positive academic and wraparound programs and experiences, both during and after school, in order to:

  • Increase Graduation: Increase the likelihood youth will stay in school and graduate.
  • Violence Reduction: Reduce exposure to violence and chances of incarceration.
  • Prison Reduction: Offer an alternative to the school-to-prison pipeline for at-risk youth.
  • College Prep: Prepare youth with essential skills for continuing on to college and earning a living wage.
  • Job Prep: Provide a successful transition to the workforce.
  • Civic Engagement: Develop skills necessary to be productive and empowered citizens.
  • Leadership Development: Positively impact communities through cost savings, increased safety, leadership development and ensuring a strong foundation for the future workforce.
  • Mainstreaming The Margins: Create a future for marginalized youth.