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The Life of an ASN Mentor

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Origin of Mentor, Latin, from Greek Mentor, first known use: 1616

Noun: Mentor, a wise and faithful counselor or monitor, also a wise and trusted guide and advisor (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Definition of the ASN Mentor:

M – Motivating
E – Encouraging
N – Nurturing
T – Trustworthy
O – Optimistic
R – Resilient

ASN Mentors are so much more than a definition can convey. 

ASN Mentors are on call 24 hours/7 days a week.  We are personal alarm clocks to help ensure youth’s on-time arrival to school; a chauffeur to doctor appointments, GED test sites, and court appearances where we stand with and advocate for them. We are personal assistants - helping with college applications, job search, interview clothes shopping, and finding safe shelter for a youth who becomes homeless overnight.  We are fairy Godmothers to a young student, unable to purchase clothing for her newborn child.

life of mentor full b

Clothing purchased by ASN Prep's YS3 Mentors, Nina Hardy and Tamara Jamison for Kierra Scurry's newborn baby

Mentors, with the assistance of their staff team, support students throughout their educational journey and beyond.

ASN Prep’s YES/RSP Mentor, Jacob Carruthers and Transition Specialist, Charlotte Smith worked diligently to get Aolani Staine enrolled in Moraine Valley Community College and Kendall Mason in Central State University in Ohio.  Both start classes Fall semester.  ASN Prep was able to assist Kendall with his university housing fees, through its YES funding resource.

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ASN Prep graduates, Aolani and Kendall (center), pictured with ASN Prep Mentor, Jacob Carruthers and ASN Prep Transition Specialist, Charlotte Smith.

Yes it does takes a village, starting with the Mentors, to motivate and encourage our youth to stay focused on achieving their educational goals.  High school graduation is life-changing for all of them.

life of mentor full d

ASN Mentor, Nina Hardy presenting at the ASN Prep Graduation ceremony in 2014

With the epidemic prevalence of street violence and distracting social media, Mentors persevere and remain faithful to their heartfelt mission.  They nurture with love and respect; and promote optimistic views of life possibilities for students who stay true to accomplishing their goals.  We salute all ASN Mentors for their compassion, inspiration, hard work and dedication to creating better futures for the youth that we serve!

life of mentor full e

ASN Prep students on a 2-day/2-night college tour with staff Mentors, Transition Specialist, and Director. Students pictured from left to right: Sierra Pickens, Demonte Bailey, Aolani Staine, Stephanie Barron, Tyesha Wallace, Alik Holloway, Timothy Grimmette and Rachel Escarcega.

life of mentor full f

ASN Prep students Aolani Staine, Demonte Bailey and Alleise Robinson at a job fair with an ASN Prep Mentor and Transition Specialist.

This article was written by Nina Hardy and Tamara Jamison (YS3 Mentors at ASN Preparatory Institute)

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