Latino Youth High School


2001 S. California Avenue, 2nd Floor




(773) 648-2130
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Contact: Francisco Cisneros, President & CEO; Alfredo Nambo, Director of Education; Jose A, Martinez, Principal

Latino Youth High School (LYHS), a division of Pilsen Wellness Center, Inc., serves youth ages 16-21 from the Pilsen, Little Village and South Lawndale areas that have been pushed out of the traditional school system, dropped out voluntarily or have been dropped.

LYHS’s mission is to inspire resiliency in youth by creating a safe, holistic student-centered environment. We facilitate a process of self-reflection that promotes the development of self-determination, empowerment, and self-actualization that students consciously engage in communities as transformational agents of change.

LYHS provides instruction and support to 192 students to enhance a sense of their own well-being, achieve a high school diploma, pursue post-secondary education through critical engagement, and community involvement. The school provides a state-recognized, student-centered high school curriculum, college preparation, general computing, and life skills workshops. LYHS also provides counseling, leadership workshops, mentoring, tutoring, computer assisted instruction, field trips, recreational activities and home visits.

Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate from Latino Youth High School, a student must: (1) earn a minimum of 18 total credits; (2) complete a senior checklist, which includes a portfolio; and (3) achieve grade level gains on standardized tests used by the school. The length of time necessary to reach graduation requirements can vary for each student according to credits already obtained at other schools and the effort each student makes in his or her classes.

In addition to course requirements, students must fulfill a 90 day residency requirement. This residency requirement has been established in order to ensure that each student will graduate from Latino Youth High School with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue post secondary education and careers.

Applicant must be 16 years old and must have been out of school for at least 30 school days. In addition, we accept DCFS wards through our YS3 program. There is a $75 fee per semester for materials