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2920 S. Wabash Avenue Chicago IL 60616
Phone: 312-949-5010
Fax: 312-949-5015

Other information

Other information:

Contact: Dr. Irma J. Plaxico, Principal

McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy serves approximately 225 students who have had their high school education interrupted for a variety of reasons, but who are still committed to pursuing and obtaining a high school diploma. McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy is looking for students who are motivated and interested in attending college and/or receiving other post-secondary training leading to a productive career.

McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy one of several charter schools with Youth Connection Charter School and a part of the Alternative Schools Network. McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy is accredited by both NCA and COA.

Programs & Services

Educational services are available to help students academically, behaviorally, and socially. In addition to the standards-based curriculum, students can accelerate academically in online courses. We offer additional programming in the following areas: culinary arts, photography, media journalims, certified security training, certified first aid/CPR training, dual enrollment courses with the City Colleges of Chicago, tutoring, extra-curricular sports, and much more! Students graduating from McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy are prepared for college and/or a career. Students need 18 credits to graduate.

McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy is currently looking for students who are interested in improving their skills, as well as, pursuing a career or a college degree in order to become an interdependent and contributing member to our community and to our society. If you are interested in this, please contact us at the above address and telephone number.

Student Eligibility Age Range: 16-21

Minimum Credits to Enroll: 0

Credits Required to Graduate: 18

Other Requirements to Graduate: Constitution Test, PARCC Exam, 40 hours community service.

Instructions to Apply: Contact McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy at 312-949-5010.

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