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Other information

Other information:

UCAN Academy is an innovative first through twelfth grade year-round therapeutic day school.  A special education curriculum is used by experienced staff to help students who have experienced difficulties in previous school settings and who benefit from a smaller, more individualized classroom setting. Formerly named Uhlich Academy and High School, UCAN Academy is the largest and one of the most recognized therapeutic day schools in the area. The Chicago Board of Education holds a standard that, 10% of therapeutic day school students will be reintegrated into public schools each year. Last year, UCAN Academy reintegrated 12%, exceeding the standard.

Each child enrolled in UCAN Academy comes to us with a unique set of needs. In striving to meet these needs, we use a staff-intense environment for more one-on-one attention. Our children, while coming from diverse and distinct backgrounds, have all experienced difficulties in public or private school settings. Many have become discouraged about learning. We help them to see schooling in a positive light and to reach their highest potential.

Student Eligibility Age Range: K-12 grade students, up until their 22nd birthday.

Minimum Credits to Enroll: 0

Credits Required to Graduate: 24

Other Requirements to Graduate: 40 service learning hours, pass public law 195

Instructions to Apply: Students are referred to the school by the Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services. Students must have an IEP with either an intellectual disability, learning disability, emotional disability, developmental delay, autism or traumatic brain injury.

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