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Melissa G

Written by Melissa G.
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I am daily empowered by the example of the women in my life that continue to work towards their goals. I am a part of a group of single mothers living here on the west side of Chicago that work together to ensure none of us or our children go without and who have a deep passion for the people in our community. The extreme lack of resources we deal with here on the west side present a daily challenge to each of us. The lack of quality grocery stores, schools, and programming for children in our own neighborhood makes the simple act of raising a child a daunting task, especially without a significant other.
On days when I am tired or want to give up I look to my ‘sisters’ who are achieving great things for their children, themselves and their community. They are a constant reminder of the strength and the beauty each of us have the potential for. They encourage and empower me to not only be the best I can be for my children, but also for myself and the community I love. I am empowered by the beautiful sisterhood I have and our collective hope for ourselves and others.
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